Choosing The Best Package Holiday

As we are all to some degree suffering from the recent recession and financial strains, package holidays are even more popular. The reason being that it is very helpful to know all of the costs of your holiday upfront so that you can budget appropriately without being caught out by extra charges when you are already in Greece, Spain or wherever you want to go.

The idea for this post arose after I viewed the video created by MyVoucherCodes about the changes over the last few decades in package holidays and booking holidays in general. The thing I really enjoyed was seeing how the quality of holidays improved in line with the progression of the industry and as more and more technology was introduced and used.

When It comes to package holidays you need to remember though that not all packages offer the exact same level of service or even value. In the following article we will look at some tips to help you choose the best package holiday deal. It is always a good idea to check out a site like or along with the tips below.

Choosing The Best Holiday Provider

First Choice is UK’s biggest package holiday travel agent and tour operator and only deals with this type of holiday. However Hayes & Jarvis, Kuoni, Virgin Holidays and Thomas Cook also offer these types of holidays as well. It is a good idea then to look at online reviews by customers who have travelled and holidayed with these companies, to get a better idea of what you could expect booking with them.

Finding the Best Value Package Holiday

While it is possible to find holiday packages that give you a full week’s worth of meals, activities and excursions throughout the day; just as it is with any cheap deal for a hotel, restaurant or anything else you book in life, if the service, amenities, facilities and food are bad, the cheap deal is not good value for money. Similarly to the above, you need to shop around looking for the best deal you can find that is going to satisfy your preferences and needs.

Extra Costs

While most things are included in a package deal, you need to be aware that there are some things that yo will have to pay for even on top of the cost of your holiday. This can vary from resort to resort and tour operator to tour operator, so always be sure to ask what is and what isn’t included. We have listed some examples below to help you out.

Food And Drink

Although package holidays normally include three meals a day, this may be restricted to just buffets. If you are interested in dining at the resort’s a la carte restaurant you need to check if you are entitled to within your package, or you could find an unsettling bill waiting for you at the end of your holiday. Some resorts are also known to put a curfew on their free alcoholic and soft drinks allowance in the evening, so always make sure you are aware of these stipulations.


Most non-motorised water sports such a pedalos and snorkelling are included in package holiday deals. However, these may only be limited to one hour a day of that particular activity. Other places often charge guests who use the saunas, billiards tables and gym; so be sure to know what activities are free and included and those that aren’t before you arrive.

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