Tips on Staying Energized as a Mum

Whether you stay at home with your kids or you go into a job away from home during the day life gets hectic. Between picking kids up and dropping them off, going grocery shopping and supporting your kids in the best ways possible, sometimes eating healthy and taking time for yourselves takes a backseat to the chaos of every day life. Too often we think that we always need to serve those around us before serving ourselves but when you sit down and really think about this logic I think we have it a little backwards.

Being a mother is going to take sacrifice, but at what point do our sacrifices for those around us become more harmful than good? I’m sure many of you can connect when I give a scenario of working hard all day, cooking meals, running errands, taking care of your kids, trying to entertain them 24-7 and then when your husband gets home you barely even turn your head over your shoulder to greet him. Your marriage becomes unhealthy because of all the sacrifices you have made for your children. Or you stop exercising and start eating what’s always convenient instead of what’s healthy. Then you start to gain weight, your confidence slowly fades and overall you just aren’t the same person that you used to be. You originally set out with the intention of being super-mom to your kids and everything to everyone but now you let yourself slip and you aren’t the best that you could be for anyone anymore.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know there will be days where you just wear your self out, days that you just cant make it to the gym and days that you reach for the bag of pretzels because you are hungry and you can’t fathom putting in the effort right now to make a healthy meal. Life isn’t perfect and you can’t be perfect either but there is a way to set yourself up for a healthier, more energized life. By implementing the 5-tips below not only will you feel better yourself and have more confidence, but those around you will be happier because they are getting the best version of you. Give yourself and those around you what you all deserve, a happy, healthy mom and wife.

Tip #1:

Make your number one title ‘Wife’ not ‘Mom.’ A marriage should never sacrifice because children are in the picture. Your marriage will change but it should never become of second importance to your children. This can start with a weekly date night where you just take time to yourselves, no kids and no distractions or it could mean putting the kids to bed earlier so you can have time at night to download and connect with your man. It is also important to use the proper language when disciplining your kids. Instead of telling your child not to talk to their dad a certain way, you can say don’t talk to my husband in that way. It sounds weird at first but it lets your child know that they can’t talk to your spouse in a certain way, not because it’s their parent but because they aren’t allowed to disrespect your spouse. Your kids should have a clear understanding that the health of your relationship is more important than them and what they always want. A healthy marriage leads to a healthy home, so why would you sacrifice your relationship with your husband to create happiness for your children? It’s reverse thinking.

Tip #2:

Meal-Prep. Meal-prepping is an automatic way to set yourself up for success throughout the week when it comes to eating healthy and saving time. Start by making a menu for the week, followed by a grocery list. Take an hour or two on the weekend or whatever day that works best for you to cut up some fruits and vegetables for snacking throughout the week. Put some chicken in the oven or on the BBQ with some salt and pepper and slice it up for salads or sandwiches. Prep the rest of your foods that you will be using throughout the week so you can just throw your meals together quickly. Meal-prepping will ensure that you always have healthy food ready to go with minimal effort.

Tip #3:

Exercise hard for a short amount of time instead of taking an hour to complete a moderate-intensity workout. My favorite workouts are high intensity interval training (HIIT). You burn more calories and fat in 15-20 minutes working really hard to get your heart rate up over and over again, as if you were doing sprint intervals, than you would running on the treadmill for an hour at a steady pace. On some days 20 minutes may seem like a stretch so do what you can. You can do 10 squats here and there, a minute of jumping jacks while your kids are eating lunch and a few pushups when you get the chance throughout the day. Doing something is better than nothing so move every time you get the chance.

Tip #4:

Have a scheduled time for you every week. It can be 15 minutes every day where you do something you genuinely enjoy, like reading or taking a warm shower where you can relax and have your thoughts to yourself. Be consistent and don’t let small obstacles get in your way of creating this time. Make it a priority and stick to it. Remember you’re a better mom and wife when you are nourished and a lot of times nourishment comes from things other than our food.

Tip #5:

Make sure you are filling all of your nutritional needs to maximize your energy levels. I’m going to guess you probably don’t eat 7-9 servings of vegetables a day. I know I don’t usually get around to that many. I always try but sometimes it seems so unrealistic. When we have nutritional gaps in our diets our energy levels drop, our brain fog goes up and our insides start decaying at a faster rate. That’s why I always encourage people to get on a high quality multi-vitamin and a fish oil supplement at a minimum, especially moms. These can help us fill the gaps in our diet, and provide us with the extra nutrients that convert to the energy that we need to get through the day. After a lot of research I have chosen to take USANA brand supplements. They are ranked number one in quality and effectiveness and they have a great children’s vitamins line that I know I will feel comfortable giving my kids.

Those 5-tips may seem like a lot to tackle. If doing all 5 seems like too much to conquer at once, take it slow. Take each tip one at a time and really make each one a habit. You may spend a month mastering one tip before incorporating another and that is totally ok. Making healthy lifestyle changes isn’t an overnight fix. It is a process that is mastered by taking one small step after another. You can do it. You deserve it and so do the people who surround you every day.

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