Visit Scotland: The Best Bits

Scotland is one of those places that is never the same twice. You can go back to the same spot on several occasions but the experience will be different each time. Every city is unique. Come out of the cities and experience landscapes like nowhere else on Earth. Here is your ultimate guide to the bits you’ve heard of and the bits you never knew existed in Scotland:


This gorgeous city is a firm favourite with tourists from all over the globe. It may be best known for its Fringe Festival but Edinburgh can offer you far more than street theatre. The Fringe Festival itself now runs for much longer. You could see what makes this form of theatre and entertainment so popular in this setting. When you’re off season in Edinburgh, you still have some of the best restaurants and tearooms to enjoy.

The Highlands

Up in the far North of the country, the terrain becomes wild and unpredictable. The weather can be so changeable that you never can tell what you’re going to get. The North West of Scotland is definitely the place to go if you want to get away from it all. Stunning scenery and remote locations are what a holiday here is about.


Inverness is a northern city of Scotland. It is famed for its castles and clans. Loch Ness is nearby if you fancy trying to spot the famed ‘monster’. Take a tour of the city, or visit the castles. They offer a unique insight to some of Scotland’s most fantastic histories. Many visitors enjoy the vast number of independent shops. They sell interesting Scottish foods and memorabilia. The markets, in particular, are a great place to hang out.


Aberdeen, in the far East of Scotland, is a great city to visit. The surrounding area is great for hikes and walks, whatever your fitness level. People visit Aberdeen for the coast. It is magnificent at any time of year, and quite exhilarating to stand on the cliffs. Fishing, golf and surfing are particularly popular pastimes here. Of course, this is Scotland, so you need to be pretty hardy to brave the waters here! It’s cold, it’s windy, and it could be the adventure of your life. Wait for the winter to enjoy some of the best snowsports in the country.


Glasgow is only a short distance from Edinburgh. It is a completely different city, though. Away from the traditional tourist haunts, you can find out what life in Scotland is really like. Visit some of the local pubs and enjoy a match at the football ground for a flavour of modern Glasgow. For culture and history, Glasgow offers everything you need too. There is some fantastic architecture in the city centre. You can visit some of the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Or head back further in time for a taste of Victorian Scotland.

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit. It may be a small country but don’t think you can see it all in one visit. Make the most of your holidays this year with a stop in Scotland.

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